Scholarship Essay

Genevieve Benzinger

Academic Plans: Attend John Tyler Community College, transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University

The Crime Solvers Scholastic Club caught my attention when I heard about it my freshman year of high school. I was interested in the club because I have always enjoyed learning about the law, the police force and how to keep crime to a minimum. However, I was hesitant to join the club because I did not personally know any of its members. During the beginning of my senior year, I had the same interest in joining the club that I had my freshman year, but the hesitation had vanished. I realized this year would be my last chance to be a part of the Crime Solvers Club; therefore, I decided to show up to the first meeting. I recall being one of the first students to arrive at the meeting, and as other students began to enter the room, I began to see old friends, classmates and even some new faces. The atmosphere of the room was welcoming and full of laughter. Members of the club tell jokes during meeting to keep a light tone in the room, but are mature and serious when it was necessary. This group of people is one I can always enjoy spending time with. After only one meeting, I knew I would want to come to the rest of the club's meetings throughout the year. 

The Crime Solvers Scholastic Club has provided its members, including myself, with an incredible sense of belonging by all members treating each other fairly and respectfully. Because of the group of respectful individuals, I have had the chance to meet several new people and create friendships with them, resulting in a fun, exciting environment. Aside from its members, the Crime Solvers Club provides real opportunities to help out in the community regardless of the amount of experience a member has with volunteer work. These volunteer opportunities give the club's members the chance to better our society. On a more educational level, the club has assisted its members in learning about the law, first responders and ways to stay safe. 

After finishing my high school career, I would like to further my education by going to college. I plan to pursue my passion for studying about human behavior and mental processes by majoring in psychology. I am considering working with psychology research, particularly relating to criminals. I feel that studying the minds of prisoners could be interesting. This career could also benefit society if I am able to improve their mental state before being released. 

Scholarship Essay

Megan Phelps

Academic PlansAttend John Tyler Community College, transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University

Created in 1984, Crime Solvers has been an important element in removing dangerous people, weapons and drugs from the streets. In doing so, they are keeping innocent people out of harm’s way and serving justice to those that dared to break the law. In the beginning of my last year of high school, I had heard of the Crime Solvers Club from my Practical Law teacher, Mr. Schwab. Almost instantaneously, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I strived to be a part of an organization that has created an anonymous way that allows everyday citizens a chance to help out their community. And throughout the year, the Crime Solvers Club has given me multiple opportunities to give back to my community and those that protect it with their lives. I have had the utmost honor to volunteer with these brave men and women. It is my goal to continuously volunteer alongside these brave people for as long as I am welcome.


Since the establishment of Crime Solvers, there have been 7,516 crimes solved. (Approximately) 7,516 people brought to justice in the 33 years that Crime Solvers Program has been around. Without the help of Crime Solvers, where would those suspects be today? Would they still be prowling the streets breaking the law? No one can really know for sure what could have been, but what we do know is that Crime Solvers has played a major role in keeping our community safe, making our everyday lives a little less stressful with every criminal that it puts behind bars. I believe that the more that society grows and with more advancements in technology, the bigger the part that will be played by the Crime Solvers Program.


In the earliest years of my life, I wanted to be a police officer. Even at such a young age, I had an immense desire to help people whenever I could. Certain life events caused me to grow up fast, and my aspirations of becoming an officer had changed. But, my ambition to help people only grew. I leapt at every chance to volunteer that had come my way. A few times per year, my father’s work organizes an event at the Veteran’s Hospital. At these events we cook and serve lunch to awe-inspiring men and women who have fought and lost so much for this country. (I realized) I still wanted to help people, just in a different way. I knew then what I wanted to become: a cognitive behavioral psychologist. Cognitive behavior psychologists help people who suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental disabilities. Knowing this going into my senior year, I set out to start my education in the field of psychology. I am currently taking AP Psychology and Sociology, both of which will help me excel in my college career.I hope to find a job in doing what I’ve longed to do since I can remember… help people.


Thank you for this unimaginable chance to give back to my community and to continuously give help to those that are in need of it.

Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers, Inc. 

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