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Looking for an older Crime of the Week case?
We are working to archive some of our  past cases. Click on the month/year combination to read the details of each week's case.

April 2015 (27th - MDA Donation Jar Theft; 20th - Drive-by Shooting/Milfax Rd.; 13th - Arsons in Meadowbrook Area; 6th - Homicide/Wilbur Higgs)

March 2015 (23rd - TV Thefts from Walmart; 9th - Credit Card Theft and Fraud; 2nd - Telephone Scam)

February 2015 (23rd - Hit and Run/WaWa; 16th - Robberies at CVS; 9th - Cold Case/Bruce Jones Homicide; 2nd - Homicide at Three Amigos Auto Sales)

January 2015 (26th- Circle-K Robbery; 19th- Vandalisms in Enon; 12th- VSU Robberies)

December 2014 (29th- Counterfeit Money; 15th- Jersey Mikes Burglary; 8th- Tienda Joana Burglary; 1st- Robbery at New York Asian Cafe)

November 2014 (24th- Home Break In/Old Zion Hill; 17th- Sexual Assault/Huguenot Park; 10th- Attempt Sexual Assault; Circle-K Robbery)

October 2014 (27th- Pizza Hut Robbery; 20th- Thefts From Churches; 13th- Rt. 1 Robbery; 6th- Laptop Theft from Walmart)

September 2014 (29th- Attempt Robbery/Exxon/Petersburg; 22nd- Robbery/Exxon; 15th- Larcenies From Churches; 8th- Hit and Run; 1st- Stolen Cell Phone)

August 2014 (25th- Credit Card Theft/Elderly Victim; 18th- Robbery/Selwood Ave.; 11th- Flim Flam Frauds; 4th- Stolen Pool Noodles)

July 2014 (21st- Robbery/Public Storage; 14th- Missing Women; 7th- Brendon Mackey Shooting)

June 2014 (30th- Hussein Homicide, 23rd- Attempt Robbery/Pepper Spray, 16th- Credit Card Fraud, 9th- Lost Wallet/Lowes, 2nd- Robbery/Suntrust)

May 2014 (19th- MULTIPLE Card Credit Card Fraud, 12th- Clock Theft from Alexander's, 5th- Credit Card Theft/Two Female Suspects)

April 2014 (28th- Sultani Homicide, 21st- Purse Theft/Goodwill Store, 14th- Pharmacy Theft/K-Mart, 7th- Attempted Carjacking)

March 2014 (31st- Larceny from Auto, 24th- Robbery/Belmont 7-Eleven, 17th- Truck + ATV Theft, 10th- Larceny From Auto/Clover Hill Elementary, 3rd- Sexual Assault/Route 1)

February 2014 (21st- Watch Theft/Zumiez, 17th- Auto Theft+Robbery/Argent FCU, 10th- UP Bracelet Theft/Best Buy, 3rd- Flim Flam/Walmart)

January 2014 (27th- Spencer's Gas Station Robbery, 20th- McDonald's Ladies Room Robbery, 13th- Stolen Wheelchair, 6th- Jared Jewelry Store Theft)

December 2013 (16th- Television Theft, 9th- Cigarette Case Theft, 2nd- Robbery/Chester 7-Eleven)

November 2013 (22nd- Coomer Homicide, 15th- Distraction Theft/Exxon, 8th- Mosley Homicide)

October 2013 (25th- Robbery/Appliance Connection, 11th- Land Rover Dealer Break In, 4th- Home Invasion Robbery/Harvette Dr.)

September 2013 (27th- Robbery Series, 20th- Fraud by Intimidation, 13th- Colonial Heights Pickpockets, 6th- Theft of Hair Extensions)

August 2013 (30th- Stolen Eyeglass Frames, 23rd- Vehicles broken into at Fitness Clubs, 16th- Fraud/Michigan Victim, 9th- Longmeadow Break Ins, 2nd- Abduction/Sheetz)

July 2013 (26th- Shooting of Legend the Horse, 19th- Robbery at Circle-K, 12th- Weir Place Construction Site Vandalism, 5th- Upskirting/Unlawful Filming)

June 2013 (28th- Identity Theft + shoplifting, 21st- iPad theft, 14th- Indecent Exposure, 7th- Vehicle Break-ins at Gold's Gym)

May 2013 (31st- Animal Pelt Thefts, 24th- Midlothian High School Construction Site Theft, 17th- Vandalism at Express Wash, 10th- Break-in to Tienda Joana, Break-in in Cascade Creek)

April 2013 (26th- Robbery at Kroger, 19th- Floor Buffer Theft from Food Lion, 12th- Theft from Purses at Theatres, 5th- Robbery at 7-Eleven)

March 2013 (29th- Not Seen on TV Highlight, 15th- Robbery at Walgreens, 8th- iPad Sale Fraud)

February 2013 (22nd- Two Robberies/One White Male Suspect; 15th- Stolen Price Guns; 8th- Car Break-in/Riverside Wellness & Fitness; 1st- Shed and Car break-ins)

January 2013 (11th- Joshua Coomer Homicide)

November 2012 (30th- Fatal Hit & Run/Hull Street Road; 21st- First Community Bank Robbery; 16th- Stolen School Bus and Car Batteries; 9th- Three robberies in May 2013; 2nd- Turner Cleaners Robbery)

October 2012 (26th- Eyeglass frame theft; 19th- Hit & Run/Forest Hill Ave and Buford Rd; 5th- Vandalism at Hampton Park Pool)

September 2012 (28th- Debit Card Fraud/Target; 7th- Robbery/In & Out Store)

August 2012 (31st- Credit Card Fraud/ACAC; 24th- Robbery/Wendy's; 17th- Three Robberies/Female Suspect; 10th- Robbery/Food Lion; 3rd- Sprint Cell Phone Thefts)

July 2012 (27th- Wells Fargo Bank Robbery; 20th- Dollar General Robbery; 13th- Wallet Theft/Walmart; 6th- Macy's Shoplifting)

June 2012 (29th- Attempt Robbery/CVS; 22nd- Tobacco Theft; 15th- Credit Card Fraud/Target; 8th- Stolen Freightliner Truck & Copper; 1st- Mini Storage Break-In)

May 2012 (25th- Robbery/Shooting; 11th- Farooq Anwar Homicide; 4th- Vehicle Vandalisms/Pearson Hyundai)

April 2012 (27th- YMCA Locker Theft; 20th- SunTan City Robbery; 6th- Stolen Dirt Bikes)

March 2012 (23rd- TurboTax Software Theft; 16th- Credit Card Fraud/Walmart; 9th- Arson; 2nd- Marshall's Shoplifting/Assault)

February 2012 (24th- SunTrust Bank Robbery; 17th- VISA Gift Card Fraud; 10th- BB&T Bank Robbery; 3rd- Stolen Inspection Stickers)

January 2012 (27th- Royal Nails Robbery; 20th- Duckridge Terrace Break-in; 12th- Golden Corral Robbery; 6th- Old Bermuda Hundred Road Crash)

December 2011 (30th- Shooting on Cameron Avenue; 9th- Thefts from YMCA lockers; 2nd- Vandalisms at Two Schools)

November 2011 (23rd- Shooting on Ramblewood Dr.; 18th- Grahamwood Drive Robbery; 11th- K-Mart/Sears Gift Card Fraud; 4th- Reeds Jewelers ring theft)

October 2011 (28th- Vandalisms at St.Michael's School, 21st- South Chesterfield robberies, 14th- BB&T ATM break-in, 7th- Suspicious death of Sean Bland)

September 2011 (30th- Lottery ticket theft, 23rd- Cloverleaf Mall homicide, 16th- Credit card fraud at Southpark mall, 9th- Breaking and entering on Oxbridge Rd., 2nd- Robbery at Mike's Auto)

August 2011 (26th- Wallet thefts at movie theatres, 19th- Wallet theft at Sheetz, 12th- Debit card fraud at Walmart, 5th- Ettrick Supermarket shooting)

July 2011 (29th- Robbery/shooting at Meadowdale Blvd., 22nd- Homicide of James Mosley, 15th- Home Invasion on Osborne Rd., 8th- Theft at Uriel Trucking, 1st- Arson in Woodlake near Celebration)

June 2011 (24th- Marlboro Cigarette theft, 17th- Walmart Audio Electronic Thefts, 10th- BB&T Robbery, 3rd- Shootings into Occupied Homes)

May 2011 (27th- AT&T Store Theft, 20th- Buffalo Wild Wings Robbery, 13th- Roadrunner Store Robbery, 6th- Wachovia Branch Robbery)

April 2011 (29th -Thefts from Coin Machines, 22nd- Debit Card Use, 15th- Debit Card Theft/Unos, 8th- Identity Theft, 1st- Stolen Loaders)

March 2011 (25th -Credit Card Fraud, 18th -Premier Audio Break-in, 11th -Shooting-Robbery Attempt/Tanners Way, 4th -Prescription Fraud)

February 2011 (25th -Abduction Robbery, 18th -Credit Card Fraud/Copper Avalanche, 11th -Homicide/Bridget Court, 4th -Home Invasion Robbery/Natick Court)

January 2011 (28th -Credit Card Fraud/Johnston Willis Hospital, 21st -Turbo Tax thefts, 14th -Walgreen/CVS Robberies)

December 2010 (30th -Credit Card Theft/Cracker Barrel, 24th -Credit Card Fraud/Food Lion, 17th -Wentworth St. Robbery, 10th -Family Dollar Robbery, 3rd -American Family Fitness thefts)

November 2010 (26th -Motorcycle Hit & Run, 19th -James Mart Robbery, 12th -ID Theft and Credit Card Fraud, 5th -2 Robberies on Rt. 1)

October 2010 (29th -Credit Card Fraud/CVS, 22nd -Shooting, 15th -Walmart Shoplifting, 8th -Chesterfield Robberies/Fraud, 1st -Colonial Heights Walmart Robbery)

September 2010 (24th -Willis Road Shell Station Robbery, 17th -Kroger Gas Kiosk Robbery, 10th -Fraudulent SunTrust Checks, 3rd -BP Station Robbery)

August 2010 (27th -Walmart TV Thefts, 20th -El Tequila Card Theft, 13th -Chubby's Robbery, 6th -Union First Market Bank Robbery)

July 2010 (30th -TJ Maxx Theft, 23rd -CSX vandalism, 16th -Mincz Wheel Theft, 9th -Credit Card Suspect with Cane, 2nd -Your Store Robbery)

June 2010 (25th -Perlock 7-Eleven Robbery, 18th -Fast & Friendly Robbery, 11th -MDA Container thefts, 4th -Casa Blanca Robbery)

May 2010 (28th -Elsa's Jewelry Robbery, 21st -Stolen Credit Card/Cracker Barrell, 14th -Digital Camera Theft/CVS, 7th -Wanted Homicide Suspect/Person)

April 2010 (30th -Stolen U-Haul Truck, 23rd -Walmart Stereo Equipment Theft, 16th -Gateway Bank Robbery, 9th -Credit Card Fraud/Sheetz, Credit Card Theft/Panera Bread)

March 2010 (26th -Television thefts/Walmart, 19th -Wachovia Bank Robbery, 12th -Impersonation case)

<pFebruary 2010 (26th- Missing Person/Catalano, 19th- Hank's Barbecue Break-in, 12th- Charity Box Thefts, 5th- Bank of America ATM Card Theft)

January 2010  (29th- Shell Station Assault, 22nd- Copper Thefts, 15th- "Cindy" Robbery, 8th- Robbery on Marina Dr.)

December 2009 (31st- Prescription Fraud, 18th- End of Year Release, 11th- Gold's Gym Purse Thefts, 4th- Kroger Purse Theft)

November 2009 (27th- BP Station Owner Robbery, 20th- Electronic Thefts from Walmart, 13th- Vandalism Monacan HS, 6th- Found Baby Girl)

October 2009 (30th- Electronics theft/Walmart, 23rd- Cigarette Theft/Minit Mart, 16th- Air Gas Truck Theft, 2nd- Diamond Concepts Theft)

September 2009 (25th- iPod Thefts from Target, 18th- 7Eleven Robbery, 11th- Stolen Credit Card, 4th- Church & Dwight Car Break-in)

August 2009 (28th- 7-Eleven Robbery/Shooting, 14th- America's Best Value Inn Robbery, 7th- Robberies at Apartments)

July 2009 (31st- Ivy Walk Apt. Homicide, 24th- Electronics Theft, 17th- Cash Register Thefts, 10th- Cultural Center of India Vandalism, 2nd- Credit Card Frauds)

June 2009 (26th- Candlewood Suites Robbery, 19th- BB&T Robbery, 12th- Playstation theft/Walmart, 5th- Ben's Beauty Supply Break-in)

May 2009 (29th- Sheetz Abduction/Robbery, 22nd- Big Lots Robbery, 15th- Dyson's Store Robbery, 8th- Stolen Debit Card, 1st- Farooq Anwar Homicide)

April 2009 (17th- Flim Flam Fraud, 10th- Guitar Theft)

March 2009 (27th- Corvette Theft, 20th- Wachovia Robbery, 13th- Vehicle Break-ins/Hull Street Rd, 6th- Spencer's Store Robbery)

February 2009 (27th- El Paisano Robbery, 20th- Car Stop Store Burglary, 13th- Debit & Check Fraud, 6th- Abduction Robbery/East Coast Station)

January 2009 (30th- Computer Theft/Walmart, 23rd- Village Bank Robbery, 16th- Electric Breaker Theft, 9th- Surrywood Pool Vandalism, 2nd- El Tequila Robbery)

December 2008 (23rd- Wendy's Robbery, 19th- Arsons, 5th- Camera Thefts/Best Buy)

November 2008 (28th- Mr. Submarine Robbery, 21st- Child Time Purse Theft, 14th- Video Game Thefts, 7th- River's Bend Apartments Theft, 1st- Regional Memorial Hospital Purse Theft)

October 2008 (24th- Prescription Fraud, 17th- Autumn Leaf Purse Theft, 10th- Moorefield Office Park Purse Theft, 3rd- Abduction Robbery/WaWa)

September 2008 (26th- Ellis Mini Storage Boat Motor Theft, 20th- Church of Latter Day Saints vandalism, 13th- Dyson's Store Robbery, 5th- Festival Drive Beating Robbery)

August 2008 (30th- Walmart Purse Theft, 22nd- Change Machines/Express Auto, 15th- Copper Wire Theft, 8th- BB&T Robbery, 1st- Walgreen Robbery)