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When the crime costs the criminal...

NSOTV 201505090134 both suspects at register3 webThe two pictured here (the black male and white female) TRIED to use a credit card at the Office Depot on Huguenot Road. NSOTV 201505090134 both suspects at register5 web The card was stolen from a vehicle parked at the Midlothian Athletic Club, 10800 Center View Drive.  They were thirsty and picked out sodas (thinking, "It's not OUR money," right?), but when the credit card would not work, they decided to forgo the software and pay for the drinks with cash.  They could have bought those drinks cheaper at the nearby grocery store, and NOT have broken the law.....but what business is it of ours?

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NSOTV 201506040232 2Times MUST be tough...

Times must be tough for this guy pictured to the left.  He went to the Goodwill on Ironbridge Road in Chester and saw that someone had paid for a bed frame.  He claimed to be picking it up for the person who bought it.  He lied.  Perhaps he NEEDED that bed frame.


Can't find cheaper parts anywhere ...UNLESS...

Case Closed    
3 suspects

The two pictured to the left decided that buying car parts from a junkyard wasn't inexpensive enough, so they broke into the lot and stole car parts from some of the junked cars.
The pictures are some of the best we have seen in Crime Solvers, so help us catch these penny-pinchers ... uhhhhh... thieves.

**UPDATE** They struck night!  We will have even more pictures in a day or so.  Do you see that teamwork?  If they would just use that in an HONEST way.

Some Lucky Girl...


Some lucky girl is going to be getting a Victoria's Secret gift card from THIS guy pictured to the left!  If that's you, you may want to contain your romantic excitement, though...he bought it using a stolen credit card.  Oh well... it's the thought that counts, right?!?

Please...Leave Home Without It.

Case Closed


American Express uses the slogan "Don't leave home without it."  Well, the woman pictured to the left SHOULD have left home without her American Express Travelers Checks...because they were FAKE.  She passed more than $1,000 in fake travelers checks at a local Walmart.  The guy walking behind her was with her the entire time.  They were quality fakes, but if you are a store clerk, watch out for checks with stickers on them.  Just sayin'.


SMILE!  You're on Candid Camera!

The woman pictured to the left must have forgotten that ATMs have cameras.  That's OK, we wanted to see her picture so we would know who to arrest for using stolen credit cards.  Oh...and would you know...she stole the cards from a military family.  Let's get her caught and get a real photo (a BOOKING photo) of her!


Stealing + Alcohol = Very Bad

The three suspects pictured each stole liquor from the same ABC store, at 201 Stonebridge Plaza.  The thefts occurred on different dates in early February and are not connected...that investigators can tell.



WaWa Way To Go!

Case Closed

WaWa captured these images of people who used stolen credit cards.  The cards were pickpocketed from a male victim on 12-29-2014 while at the VCU Medical Center in Stony Point.  Is that woman in the bottom picture wearing scrubs??




Back From The Dead?

The woman pictured to the left stole merchandise from a local Kohl's, then brought it to Customer Service to "return" for gift cards.  Sadly...she used a DECEASED woman's identity to commit this fraud.  Help the police identify her.

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It worked once. Why not try again, right?

NSOTV 14033240 susp 209x300

The guy pictured here used a stolen credit card at the WaWa in Colonial Heights on Sept. 19.  He bought gas, and after that transaction, decided to try to buy items in the store.  Silly rabbit...the transaction was denied!  Help us identify him, please.


Or...he left his wallet at home.

On June 22, the guy pictured here took it upon himself to stamp "PAID" on his receipt at the 15840 Jeff Davis Highway WaWa so he wouldn't have to pay for his chicken salad bowl.  Being a Lil' Wayne look- alike must not pay well.


Oh, sure... you FOUND the cards?!?

This guy pictured to the left was caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.  He was spotted by a man taking credit cards from an elderly woman's purse.  He said he FOUND them on the floor.  Surveillance told a DIFFERENT story.
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Seniority...among credit card thieves.


Most credit card thieves use a stolen card for a short time before the credit line gets cut off.  The guy pictured to the left used a victim's stolen credit card for over a MONTH.  Yes...a MONTH.  He must believe it's legal until he gets caught?!?'s our chance to get him caught. Do YOU know him?



These two guys pictured to the left attempted to steal two...yes, TWO flat-screen televisions from the Walmart in Chester.  These same two tried AGAIN at the Walmart in Hancock Village Shopping Center (off of Route 360).  They still do not have TVs and now they are criminals. Nice work, gentlemen.


Mom? Can we go STEALING? um...I mean SHOPPING?

The woman to the left was with an older woman as she used a stolen credit card to make $800 worth of purchases from various stores throughout Richmond City.  The credit card was stolen while the victim was at TJ Max at Chesterfield Towne Center.  We hope the other woman was not her mom.


Is that a celebratory cigarette?

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The guy pictured to the left stole laptop computers from two Walmart stores in Chesterfield County.  Video shows his boldness as he put them under his shirt with people VERY close to him.  We don't know if he's smoking because he's nervous or if he's celebrating.


The WRONG Way To Handle a Cough...

The three pictured to the left worked together to steal a couple of bottles of cough syrup...oh...and a couple of bags of candy from the CVS store on Route 10 near Centralia Road.  EACH of them were seen on camera hiding the products in their clothing. Boys...fess up!


So...You're a New York Fan, Huh?

This NY Yankee fan used a stolen credit card to make more than $6,000 in purchases from Target and Best Buy.  With a picture like this, let's see if we can hook him up with a big screen TV for the next JAIL.


Bleach Blonde Bandit

On March 1, the woman pictured here stole a woman's purse while at Cracker Barrell and went on a shopping spree in the Route 10/Route 1 area.  Help us identify and locate her and you could earn some CASH!


How NOT To Steal a Lamp.

The man pictured to the left tried to steal a lamp from the Home Depot on Jefferson Davis Highway.  So how did he try to conceal the lamp?  He put on top of it two heavy bags of mulch. Loss prevention saw him get into a black Ford Taurus.  Can you help us identify him?


09-29-2013 I needed suitcases for my trip to JAIL.

This suspect pictured went into the Walmart at 12000 Ironbridge Plaza and loaded two suitcases with DVD movies and car stereos.  He then escaped out of the back of the store, jumped a wall and headed toward River Forest Apartments.




How many thieves does it take...?

On Friday, Jan. 31, the 4 men pictured took items from the electronics department and hid them in another part of the store.  The two women then picked up the relocated items, placed them into their bags and walked out without paying.  The main item targeted...Jawbone Up bracelets.

A Chain Smoker? A Thief? or BOTH?

The guy pictured to the left went into the back office of the Falling Creek 7-Eleven location and stole numerous cartons of Newport cigarettes.  There was a black female with long hair in the passenger seat of the car he escaped in.  Can you help identify him?


Why NOT? It's not THEIR money.

The man and woman pictured to the left used a stolen credit card to purchase two $400 gift cards form a local department store.  Look at those faces. SOMEONE knows them.


08-21-2013 - Hi. My name is Frank. I Have Anger Issues.

NSOTV 201308210055 3 225x300

The motorcyclist pictured to the left apparently had a close call with a car.  Instead of being grateful that he didn't get hit, he pulled beside the car and KICKED the door, causing damage. Look by his left'll see a plate with "Frank and Doris".   We're guessing this is Frank.

07-11-2013 The Bold and the Criminal

The two pictured to the left stole a computer (used for inventory) from the Dollar General store located in Bermuda Crossing Shopping Center.  They did so at3 in the afternoon of July 11.  At 3 in the afternoon, SOMEONE saw these two and knows who they are.  Do YOU know?