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Chesterfield Police Ask for YOUR help in Solving Cold Cases

If you know anything about these unsolved cases, Chesterfield police ask you to call Criminal Investigations at 748-1268 or call Crime Solvers anonymously at 748-0660.

May 20, 2007: 24-year-old Nicolas Moreno-Pantoja was shot and killed while driving on Chippenham Parkway.

December 11, 2004: 51-year-old Ray Charles Ballard was shot multiple times while in the 6900-block of Walmsley Boulevard.  Ballard drove himself to Chippenham Hospital where he later died of his injuries.

October 1, 2004: 51-year-old Melvin Tanner was shot and killed while in his apartment in the 5200 block of Castlewood Road.

January 30, 2003: 28-year-old Ruperto Bedoya was shot in the head and killed as he walked outside his apartment on Sloan Court.

December 29, 2002: 79-year-old Mary Pulley was brutally beaten and raped while at her residence in the 21000-block of Pannil Street.  Ms. Pulley survived the attack, and her attacker is unknown.

May 15, 2001: 32-year-old Pamela Sue Dodson was last seen on May 4, 2001 at about 10 p.m. near House of Dave's on Jefferson Davis Highway.  On August 19, 2009, Dodson's skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area in the 6700-blook of Jefferson Davis Highway.  The cause of her death was not determined.

March 1, 1999: 46-year-old John “Bobby” Franklin was found in Falling Creek near the Food Lion at 5700 Jefferson Davis Highway.

February 5, 1997: 24-year-old Adam Strash and 23-year-old Frances Branscome were shot and killed while inside their residence in the 7400-blook of Newbys Court

November 11, 1996: 36-year-old Charilta Singleton and 25-year-old Cheryl Edwards, were found murdered inside a discount store in Cloverleaf Mall.

February 26, 1995: Manual Jimenez was found murdered in Rockwood Park off Courthouse Road.

July 30, 1992: 43-year-old Stanley Milton was found in a ditch on Martineau Drive, dead from a single gunshot to the back of the head behind the right ear.

September 24, 1991: 36-year-old Vanessa Walker was found murdered on Drexelbrook Road.

April 1990: 8-year-old Basil Faruq was found at the landfill after being reported missing from Richmond several days earlier. His brother, Jamal Abdul Faruq, who was also reported missing at the same time, was never found.

February 10, 1990: 52-year-old Bruce Jones was killed after he responded to an alarm at Plantation Pipeline, across from Southside Speedway on Genito Road.

January 15,1990: the skeletal remains of 29-year-old Deborah Draughn were found in the woods off the 7500 block of Iron Bridge Road. Draughn was a reported missing person from Richmond, and the medical examiner believed Draughn could have been in the woods for four-six months.

August 7, 1986: The remains of an unclothed white female were found in the Chesterfeild County Landfill on Ironbridge Road.  The race of the female is unknown.

December 20, 1985: a 34-year-old Phillip Morris employee, Fulton King, was found shot in the head several times in his driveway on Autumn Leaf Drive.

June 17, 1982: 29-year-old Jesse Barnes of Petersburg, was found stabbed in the chest and naked in a ditch on Kelmarbi Road just off Branders Bridge Road. No clothing was found in the area.

January 25, 1982: 20-year-old Robin Johnson was found off the shoulder of Carver Heights Road, near the landfill. She was partially disrobed and partially buried (about ¾ of the way) in the ground. Snow was then piled on top of her to conceal the rest of her body. Johnson was strangled and beaten.

July 15, 1981: 25-year-old Brian Vaughan of Roanoke, Virginia, was found dead in the ditch on Elko Road just off Woodpecker Road. Vaughan was strangled, suffered head and stab wounds. Vaughan worked at the Smithfield Packing Company in Smithfield, Virginia and was not a local resident.

June, 1981: 32-year-old Donna Dobbs was found murdered in her residence on Old Gun Road.

November 10, 1980: 18-year-old Ricky Sinsel was found by train engineers on the side of the railroad tracks just off Bellwood Road. Sinsel was naked except for shoes and socks. His clothes were in a pile next to him. Sinsel was shot once in the buttocks and once in the back of the head with a 32-caliber weapon.

May 19, 1979: 41-year-old Linwood Heiskell, was found shot to death in his apartment at the old Park Lee Gardens. About 12 shots were fired in the room and four of them that struck the victim in the back, face, head and forearm. The victim may have been dead for up to a week before being found.

1974: Nine-year-old Christine Wright was found dead in a creek in Dinwiddie County after disappearing from her apartment on Chestertowne Road.